Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ready to Break Bread

Today is Lexi's 1st birthday.  It's a day full of emotions for me.  Last year, I was in labor for a full day (I think around 23 hours) to give birth to this beautiful baby girl.  She's been pure joy every day for the past year.  Last month I wanted to do a full birthday party for her with the theme of Lexi's lollipops  but other new commitments have left me with the desire to keep it simple.  She's getting her birthday cake today and I'm headed off to pick up her baby pictures and dinner stuff as soon as she's done with her nap.

Lexi at one year is absolutely adorable.  She doesn't really say any words yet, but will have a full conversation with you speaking baby.  She thinks you understand every babble she makes which makes it even cuter.  She can pull herself up to standing, and has attempted steps, but I wouldn't describe her as walking yet.  She has the most beautiful smile, and often when strangers at the grocery store attempt to say hello to her, she'll stare at them for what seems like forever before she finally breaks out with this adorable smile.  When I go into her room after a nap, she opens up her arms to have me pick her up.  She no longer likes to cuddle, but loves her crib, and typically only will nap in this special place for her.  She knows how to sing patty cake, and enjoys her new skill of clapping.  She loves to play with dirt grabbing big handfuls of dirt from a potted plant, and then watching with full concentration how the dirt gently fall between her little fingers onto the floor.  She puts everything into her mouth and sometimes has been found just chilling with a small object she finds like a Lego.  Her little thighs are the softest things you've ever felt and her hair is a strawberry blond.  Her personality is strong willed, yet tender and sweet.  Lexi will try anything but is starting to have favorites like scrambled eggs, fish, and string cheese.

Personally, I can tell it's been a whole year, because I can feel some sense of normal coming back.  Being pregnant and having a baby this past 18 months has been taxing on my 39 year old body, but each day I have pains, I think that I'd rather be the one with hip and weight issues than my beautiful baby girl.  My right hip is still facing challenges.  It hurts constantly unless I take medication, or get steroid injections.  My last injection was the beginning on February, and I am ready to schedule another one.  Other than this, physically I'm feeling stronger every day.

Emotionally, I'm feeling like I have a new lease on life.  I've been hoping to have the strength to tackle my wheat allergy, but haven't previously had the time or energy to invest in myself this way.  Breaking away from wheat is an enormous challenge, but today, I think I'm ready to start again.  The goal is to make a wheat free version of each meal so today, the challenge is finding or making a wheat free tortilla to go with the families' enchiladas I'm making for them tonight.