Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Early Morning Seminary

So my husband has successfully driven Catriona to early morning seminary from 6:10AM-7:00AM every morning so far since school started in August - a little over a month!  Why would anyone, let alone a teen, want to get up so early in the morning for a religious instruction class?  It's because it works!  Having instruction on spirituality and of the teachings of Jesus Christ is absolutely the best way to start your day.  It also teaches children the concept of sacrifice.  Sacrifice is a good thing when you think about it.  It usually requires you to give up something you want for something better.  Kids that choose to go to early morning seminary, and parent who support it give up that precious last hour of sleep in the morning for something better; having their kids start their day at school getting in tuned to the Holy Ghost and what the Lord wants them to learn that day or do that day in and through the Holy ghost. 

Here's some more info on early morning seminary:  http://seminary.lds.org/?lang=eng

My son Preston just started college this year.  He attended early morning seminary all four years of his high school experience.  What a blessing early morning seminary was for him, and is currently becoming for Catriona in her freshman year of high school.

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