Monday, December 3, 2012

Two passes to a clean tub!

Yup, that's right, it took two passes of bleach to get the tub clean.  The second one I had to get right because I finally got dressed today after a much needed post-long-weekend bath at around 2:30 PM today just after getting Lexi down for an afternoon nap and seeing Kelly off for work.   After the second pass, I felt relieved as I finally got dressed into my black jeans and dark hot pink shirt; not a friendly mix for mildew remover bleach cleaner stuff.  Hanging out in a hoodie sweatshirt and sweat pants all morning wasn't good for my already low morale.

This morning Kelly (my DH) was off work.  So, I decided to dilly with a bit of work, a bit of cleaning, and a lot of baby care.  Lexi (my infant DD) had a rough night last night with a her waking at 2 AM for an unusual feeding time.  Then, when I returned, my DH was in a deep snoring snooze until I left the room at 4 hoping to get a few hours before getting Tristan off to school at 7:30 AM.  Lexi was in the same room as me and was a tosser until she finally went down again around 4:30 AM.  This morning I discovered she has her first top tooth.....go figure.....get to blame that one on teething.

While Lexi napped this morning, I found myself having a pity party.  The end of this residency marathon has been wrought with unexpected climbs, bruises, and a possible extension.  I'm sure if I really ran a marathon I'd be crawling to the finish line, and metaphorically I feel I'm there with Kelly's medical residency, and now it might be a few more months.  Being in limbo is really rough mentally.  Not knowing how you're going to pay for the remainder of his student loans, health insurance, mortgages, groceries, the list goes on and on is stressful.  The pity party centered around the fact that I thought we'd have the answers to these questions by now.  We don't.  There are still options to consider, a lot of work to do, and the prayers needed to make the right decision for our family. 

So, that's where I'm at today.  Cleaning the tub today reminded me that sometimes you have to make more effort than you anticipate, or go a little further than you expect,  to get the end result.

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