Monday, September 24, 2012

The Perge - 500 Pound Shred Pile


Last night it was tough to sleep because Kelly woke me up coughing.  Then, the baby woke me up to eat at 6:30 AM.  I had funny dream that Kelly had cloned himself and that I caught him when he took Catriona to seminary and, in my dream, was still in bed.  After feeding Lexi, I went back to bed and got back up at 8:00 AM to be rushed in getting Tristan ready for school.  After dropping him off at school, I relunctantly went on a walk with Lexi with the goal of getting 30 minutes of light exercise in before I got on with my day.  The weather that simply beautiful; I love this time of year. 

2:00 PM
So here I am again alone with my thoughts, a pile of work to do, and no desire to do it.  Earlier, after I got myself showered and Lexi a much needed bath, I found it was next to impossible to get anything done at my desk with my baby awake, but she seemed to be thoroughly entertained watching me clean.  So, I starting working on my 500 pound shred pile.  My goal is to get together 500 pounds of paper that can be shredded from our old family files no longer needed as well as anything prior to 2006 for Youth Quest.  This will allow me to hire a truck to come out and shred my stuff up to 500 pounds for about 100 bucks.  I think I have about 180 pounds so far.  Going through the stuff brings back tons of memories so its an emotionally exhausting task.  Anyway, doing that was no good for Lexi as she started fussing so I put on her on the floor and checked to see if vacuuming would keep her entertained.  She loved watching me vacuum so I vacuumed the family room, entry, dining room, and the office.  Now she's napping at the moment.  I suppose I should try to get some work done, but I just don't want to.  I problem is that most of my work requires me to have money to pay bills, complete work, etc. and I don't have any money to pay bills, complete work, etc. so I'm kind of stuck. 

Here's a snapshot of our kids:
Preston has been at USU now for a little over a month.  He's doing wonderfully there and makes me smile when he posts stuff about his adventures at USU from his football games to his chinese class.
It brings a smile to my face when I think of him engaged in wholesome recreational activities, and classes that are expanding his wonderful mind.  I've been really proud of Preston lately.  He's striving for a great life, he's working hard, and he's holding to his values which I know his tough these days in college.  I miss Preston almost every day.  Last year, he came home early from school almost every day due to him having taken so many AP classes that he was on track to graduate high school with only half day of school his senior year.  This allowed him a lot of free time to work and save for college and his hobbies.  His hobbies at this time are that he's a DJ known as DJ PNasty, he still enjoys the outdoors like nobodys business, and he's preparing himself to study abroad some day.  The prayer in  my heart still remains that Preston will choose to remain worthy to have the option of serving a mission this summer after he's completed a year of college.  He'd be a wonderful missionary.  I've heard that missions are hard these days because kids are not used to hard work and disappointment.  My Preston is not afraid of hard work, and he's had his share of many disappointments the past few years.  At this moment in time, I could be more proud of my Preston!

Catriona last weekend whipped up a homemade bag featuring the popular characters on a TV show called Adventure Time; her favorite show at this time.  The theme of the birthday party sleeover was adventure time and I was just so impressed at her thoughtfulness.  She's always been a supurb gift maker.  The bag is lined inside with fabric she designed.  She's supurb at getting up every morning for
 early morning seminary, and is my little angel in helping me keep the house clean.  Catriona is such a gift in my life and I'm truly privileged to have her.  She has just started 9th grade which is at Jordan High School.  Her biggest frustration was that she didn't get into Art this year and has to take Chorus instead.  With her talents, she'll need to wait until her sophomore year to show off all her talents with art in school.  For Cat's birthday, I gave her make-up and she's been playing with different eye make-up.  She's looks beautiful every day she goes to school and has a natural talent in application of her make-up.  Most day of the week, she's out in the "circle" in-line skating.  While I was pregnant, she decided to keep my skates in good use and now enjoys them on a regular basis.  I told her she could just have them because she is putting them to such good use. 

Tristan enjoys watching a caterpillar growing into a butterfly and showed me yesterday how it is moving in its crysallis.  I never knew that they can still move all bundled up like that.   Tristan reminds me every day what its like to be 7!  This summer, after many days of screen time while I survived a summer breast feeding Lexi, we've been going through a kind of detox this fall.  In response, Tristan has rediscovered the lost fort in the back yard forest, has taken up basketball, has been collecting rocks and gems, is obsessed with shart teeth, and has been working on an advanced puzzle.  He loves birds and likes to copy the names of the birds on paper from his dad's bird book.  Tristan loves crunching numbers.  He enjoys riding his bike and going for long walks with his neighbor Diane and her dog Max.  Tristan embodies what it is to be a child.  He's loving and forgiving, has endless energy, and has a sensivity about him that warms my heart.  I love my little Tristan and tell him often that he's my favorite little boy.  Recently, Tristan has been reaching out to the kids in the neighborhood and will be seen playing frisbee and basketball with them.  Tristan has a big heart and wants to please.  He's my little ball of love.

Little Lexi will be five months young tomorrow.  She's my little lap baby and I can count the hours on one hand I've spent away from her since I gave birth to her five months ago.  She's my little bunny, my lovey, my baby boo, my little Junebug, my Lexi Junebug.  She's so beautiful!  I marvel at how beautiful her skin is.  My whole day changes when she shows me her new toothy grin.  She got her first tooth on 9/17 at just 4.5 months.  My baby girl.  Every day Lexi reminds me that my purpose in life right now; to be a mommy.  I love being a mom right now.  Some days are hard, but the spectrum of experience I'm gaining with my children ranging in age from 0-18 gives me such a rich and full life with great moments of joy.  I have very little desire at this time to be Executive Director of Youth Quest at this moment in time.  Perhaps this will change, but today, at this moment, I'm complete as a mom of these beautiful children.  Some of my favorite things about Lexi besides her smile.  When she falls asleep when I'm nursing her and listening to her sweet, soft breath.  I love when she stands with help.  Lexi loves to stand and sit straight up to see the world around her.  She's taking in so much information and its a joy to watch and be a witness to all her "firsts".  What a special privilege I have to be her mommy full-time today.

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