Monday, September 24, 2012

Chicken & Potato Florentine Soup!

Kelly (my husband) just called after getting a text from me needing two additional ingredients for my chicken and potato florentine soup!  The whole house smells wonderful.  I got the idea to make this soup from the Olive Garden commercial; it looked yummy.  Due to my life circumstances of having no extra money for anything every month, I'm essentially not able to keep up with my bills and have tapped all our savings at this point, I knew in order to eat this delicous soup, I'd have to make it myself. 

I plan to enjoy this soup with the leftover homemade Lion House rolls I made last night. 

Catriona is on the computer and just set the table for dinner, and Tristan plays outside while Lexi is doing what she does best; girgling on the floor.  She breastfed at 4:00 so I'm sure she'll be hungry a little later. 

Yea!  He's home.  Bon Appetit!Chicken and Potato Florentine Soup (Olive Garden). Photo by TLC-MO

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