Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What are you doing?

8:23 AM
Not the best start this morning.  Baby got me up at 4 ish and then again at 5.  Topped off breast feeding Lexi just now at 8 so I could go for a walk with friends after dropping Tristan off at school.  First interaction with my 7 year old Tristan was not the most patient and loving when I discovered he'd not done his homework last night and now I've got to help him do some before we leave in 15 minutes!  Being rushed is definitely not something I like.  Once I gave into the fact that he was not going to finish it, I felt much better and was able to be more loving and patient with him.

Not sure how long the baby will let me type, but have quick second.  Went on an hour walk today with Amy and Melanie.  That was fun!

Baby just went down for a nap.  I went to the store to get ingredients for my new recipe Olive Garden Manicotti Formaggio with Shrimp.  Wait, baby still fussing....  gotta go. 

Update - That recipe turned our good but had wayyyy too much fat for my taste.

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