Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Opening up the symbolic file box for me about my faith and religion, I'm sure, when I reflect back, will be one of the greatest emotional experiences of my life. One of the files on my mind this morning is what I've been taught about sin.  I've never been able to accept the concept of sin as it was taught to me.  As early as I can remember, I felt my inner teacher tell me there was something off about what I was being taught about sin.  But, I was taught that this was Satin trying to tempt me.  I was taught that I had something evil like Satan trying to influence my decisions at the age of eight?  Putting obedience above seeking truth, which was the right thing to do at the time, I believe, I put my inner teacher about sin in a mental file box.  I believe that one of the laws of nature is that there is opposition in all things, or at least some things.  One thing that nature teaches us is that there are laws, but many laws of nature seem to have exceptions.  Hot and cold, light and dark, black and white, but what is the opposite to green or red?  I believe that there are things we can do to our bodies and minds that are harmful and dull us to connecting with being human.  We can use science to find out what things might be harmful to our bodies, and even what things we can put into our bodies, or do to our bodies to make them healthier.  For me, my body rejects wheat as a doctor of medicine with a specialty in allergies enlightened me with his knowledge about my body.  Initially I rejected this knowledge, and ate wheat anyway, but I always felt that it was harming my body.  So, with courage, I've given up most wheat and my body has been much healthier.  The way I understand sin is when you do things that harm your inner spirit, and that if everyone was fully connected with being human, they would avoid harming themselves first, and do their best not to harm others.  But, just as nature cannot be absolute in everything, so is it impossible at times not to hurt ourselves or others.  After all, we are human.  Sometimes all we can think of is how to get food, or shelter.  Other times, our minds are only focused on staying safe.  If harm is done, I believe it's best to offer apology or restitution to the harmed.  It is also necessary then, to be at peace with yourself and trust your heart and your inner guide.  Everyone needs to direct their own path to become most connected with life.  I believe that Christ was highly in tuned to that path to joy and peace in life.  I also believe that Mother Teresa was highly evolved on that path, as was Mohammed, and Buddha, and Ghandi.  I believe that every religion, the philosophies of men and women, ultimately helps every person on their path, as we are all connected in being human.  We influence each other every day whether we hope to or not.  But ultimately, each person must find their own path.  For my path,  I believe that there are just as many not famous or highly known humans that are highly connected to the human experience. By opening up the symbolic file box, I'm a newborn again on that path.  My inner teacher says that there is joy and peace in living a life free of excess, of honesty, and of being true to your inner teacher.  My inner teacher tells me that love, and service, and forgiveness, and restitution are all important to being most in tuned to being connected with being human.  There are many other keys I'm sure but these are the focus of my being human today.

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